The Baul Of Bengal

Baul Philosophy in undivided Bengal has been existing for more than five hundred years and with emotional feeling for searching the Supreme God. With such idea and belief they have became the wandering minstrels; they offer their worship through songs and dances which have very little connection with natural pleasure , rather the music and dance are the source of achieving heavenly pleasure through the minds chosen man, it is a continuous pleasure for searching.

Bauls believe the only love for mankind can lead to the love for the Divine. The Baul culture spells the love for humanity- irrespective of caste, creed, faith and religion. lt does not even count colour or custom. lt is the love for allthat leads to peace of mind and it has the power that helps to achieve the Blessings of The God or Supreme Power. Bauls, in their songs express the complex mysteries of life in simple words to touch the heart of common people and they singing with one-string instrument (ektaara) with such a masterly stroke that as if exempts the music from the soil of Bengal.

The Baul of Bengal is a registered organisation, performing the socio-culturat activities throughout Bengal and other States also. Its main objectives are to spread the rare cultural pursuits of Baul and other folk songs to preserve the rural art and cultural specimen to work for social awareness like, health, care for mother and child, to work for eradication of superstition and protection of environment, stop atrocities on women, to save girl child, spread education, to entertain special children, cancer patients, lonely senior citizens through music therapy as well as other related social issues.

The Baul of Bengal desires to make an all-out spreading its activities to rehabilitate and organise Baul artistes and other folk artistes for their livelihood and to establish themselves economically. For this, Baul of Bengal will try to establish vocational training centers and other research centers for the development of different folk culture so that they do not meet moose-diving for grapnel extinction under the pressure of so-called development in the name of globalisation.